Video of our Fall 14 SIWY denim

motorcycle shoot.  (JACK ALICE is a 3 year photo collab. with Heidi Zumbrun & Judy Parker)

amazing team:  SIWY creative director Jen Neimeister //models Lauren Young (Vision) Hannah G. (Ford) hair+makeup Meghan McClain// styling Florice Houde// digital tech Sean MacGillivray// assist Jeff Gross// location Charlie's Place, Los Angeles


Heidi's piece for the OIL &INK motorcycle & print show at Deus

Last week we laid some ink down for the OIL & INK vintage motorcycle and print show coming up this Friday the 16th at DEUS  in Venice. 


We were so honored when Stacie London (founder of Eastside Moto Babes) invited Heidi to enter a piece for the Los Angeles leg of the Oil & Ink show. (Vintage custom builds and prints by some amazing talent that we have been following on instagram for months. )  Here's how it came together :

Heidi grabbed an iphone picture that she snapped from the sidelines of one of our Oska shoots up in San Francisco of Martin's custom Harley and made it into a reflection on our friend Jerome's bubble lid... snapped some shots of one of Heidi's sparkplugs, added some JACK ALICE lighting bolts (designed by the incredible artist Richard Coleman) and headed on over to Grow Your Own Media to take a refresher course on screen printing and laid down the ink . This place is amazing- a huge studio set up for classes or renting your own with the most helpful and fun staff I have encountered in a long time.  Thomas and Megan were such a blast to work with and it's an understatement when they say they are nicknamed the "enablers"  - Heidi's  so hooked.  Ok then back to our own studio and finished the piece by stencil and spray painting some Easy Rider red white and blue stripes ( Heidi found an old 70's copy of the book and imitated the cover) and it's done.  I'll post the final piece after the opening ....I would hate to spoil the surprise ;)